Programming Abroad

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Department/UnitName of Activity/EventIntended AudienceWebsiteProgram Description
Syracuse LondonMental HealthStudents, Staff and FacultylinkAn open forum to discuss students perception of mental health / illness or wellness
Syracuse LondonEthical TourismStudentslinkAn open, student-led discussion on what it means to be an ethical tourist
Syracuse LondonPolitics and YouStudents, Staff and Facultylink An open, student-led discussion on a relevant topic which focuses on the idea that 'political is personal'
Syracuse LondonReturning HomeStudentslinkPassport Lunch: A reflection of their study abroad semester
Syracuse LondonLGBTQ TourStudentslinkVolunteer-led tour which explores gender and sexual identities through in the V&A's rich collections
Syracuse LondonRonald McDonald House CookingStudentslinkStudents will gather to cook together for families whose children are in hospital, then join them for the evening meal
Syracuse LondonWalking Tour - CamdenStudentslinkThis walk combines the very best London has to offer
Syracuse LondonWalking Tour - BrixtonStudentslinkExploring South. Brixton is a lively place and a fascinating alternative to the regular sites of London.
Syracuse LondonEverybody's Talking About JamieStudentslinkTheatre production with a focus on LGBT+ community/identity.
Syracuse LondonQueens of ShebaStudentslinkQueens of Sheba tells the hilarious and uplifting stories of four passionate Black Women battling every-day misogynoir
Syracuse LondonHard TruthsStudentslinkThe images in this exhibition contextualise policy questions and add sentiment to the intellectual debates of our time
Syracuse LondonThe Inner Level: how more equal societies reduce stress, restore sanity and improve wellbeingStudentslinkFocused on the psychological effects of inequality
Syracuse LondonBeyond Diversity: are inclusive organisations truly attainable?Studentslink Quinetta Roberson will offer a new lens through which to view diversity
Syracuse LondonBlack British Feminism: past, present and futureStudentslinkA roundtable discussion with academics, activists, writers, and politicians reflecting on Black British feminism
Syracuse BejingSignture seminarStudentslinkA two-week signature seminar that explores the ethnic diversity in China
Syracuse FlorenceRobert Mapplethorpe, PhotographerStudentslinkLecture includes discussion of gay art.
Syracuse FlorenceRemembrance Week commemorationStudents, Staff and FacultylinkThe event will commemorate the victims of the 1988 terrorist attack on Pan Am Flight 103
Syracuse FlorenceBlack History Month FlorenceStudents, Staff and FacultylinkA series of artistic, musical, literary, culinary events to increase awareness of the African Diaspora in Italy.
Syracuse FlorenceStudent Awards CeremonyStudents, Staff and FacultylinkStudents are recognized for their efforts in integrating into the italian culture
Syracuse FlorenceStudent Committee Sponsored eventStudents, Staff and FacultylinkPermanent residents or first generation citizens with immigrant families share their experience with our student body
Syracuse FlorenceStudent body sponsored eventStudents, Staff and FacultylinkOpen for students to volunteer sharing their own culinary traditions with fellow students
Syracuse FlorenceBlack History Month FlorenceStudents, Staff and FacultylinkUpcoming artist lectures in relation to the Project Black History Month Florence
Syracuse FlorenceDonatello 21 Art TalksStudents, Staff and FacultylinkArtist lecture with Justin Randolf Thompson, head of Black History Month Florence
Syracuse FlorenceFalling in Love with Italian Language & with ItayStudentslinkTwo separate meetings, both dealing with Lahiri's personal path towards the Italian language, and writing in Italian
Syracuse FlorenceFiorenza Cup Calcetto TournamentStudentslink5 vs 5 Co-ed soccer tournament
Syracuse MadridRacial Diversity Walking TourStudents, Staff and FacultylinkStudents have the chance to explore underrepresented neighborhoods of Madrid
Syracuse MadridGastronomy, Culture and Leisure ActivitiesStudents, Staff and FacultylinkEvents include a Flamenco dance class, going to local Art Gallaries, bullfighting events, cooking workshops, etc.
Syracuse MadridAmericans Abroad Panel DiscussionsStudents, Staff and FacultylinkHelps students understand what it’s like living abroad as an underrepresented US-American
Syracuse LondonEdinburgh/Copenhagen/ParisStudentslinkField trips available include an exploration of each city's cultural, political, social histories and identities
Syracuse Central Europe Program - University of Lower SilesiaInternships and service learningStudentslinkInternship and service learning opportunities with non-governmental organizations in Wroclaw
Syracuse FlorenceInternship at Cooperativa Sociale Gaetano BarberiStudentslinkCooperativa G. Barberi works with mentally challenged young adults. SUF students assist the staff in various activities
Syracuse MadridLunch Time Diverse TopicsStudents, Staff and FacultylinkLectures on local community organization that talks about issues such as race, lgbtq+ and immigration in Spain.
Syracuse MadridLunch Time Diverse TopicsStudents, Staff and FacultylinkDiscussion with either a professor with expertise on the issue or a community leader
Syracuse MadridCultural Reimbursment ProgramStudents, Staff and FacultylinkStudents have the opportunity to be reimbursed for an approved cultural activity that they have attended
Syracuse MadridAlphabet Alliance Students, Staff and FacultylinkA group of study abroad students who can meet to create connections and form social relationships with each other
Syracuse MadridIntercultural Development InventoryStudents, Staff and FacultylinkIncluded in our Discovery study abroad program is the Intercultural Development Inventory
University of Lower SilesiaDemocracy and DiversityStudentslinkInternational forum for lively but rigorous debate on critical issues of democratic life
Syracuse LondonAdvertising Practice in a Diverse SocietyStudentslink
Syracuse LondonFood, Culture and IdentityStudentslink
Syracuse LondonIntroduction to Visual CultureStudentslink
Syracuse LondonThe Global WorkplaceStudentslink
Syracuse LondonRace, Gender and the MediaStudentslink
Syracuse LondonBeauty & Diversity in Fashion MediaStudentslink
Syracuse LondonAmerica: A Foreign PerspectiveStudentslink
Syracuse LondonGlobal Cities & World CinemaStudentslink
Syracuse LondonBritish Masculinity on Screen: James Bond and Sherlock HolmesStudentslink
Syracuse LondonBlack British Music: Exploring Identity through SoundStudentslink
Syracuse LondonLondon's Living HistoryStudentslink
Syracuse LondonA History of London in 11 ObjectsStudentslink
Syracuse LondonIslam and the WestStudentslink
Syracuse LondonHealth Psychology: Mind, Body and CultureStudentslink
Syracuse LondonCross-cultural PsychologyStudentslink
Syracuse LondonSex, Gender and the CityStudentslink
Syracuse LondonSociology of SportStudentslink
International Institute for the Study of Culture and EducatonSyracuse University Central Europe program - core curriculum courseStudentslinkAn upper-level interdisciplinary, multi-sited and writing-intensive undergraduate course
University of Lower SilesiaPedagogy of Diversity in Practice StudentslinkSeminar on practical approaches to socio-cultural interpretation of difference and diversity in educational settings
Syracuse FlorenceCitizenship from Modernity to GlobalizationStudentslinkThe courses focuses on the meaning and value of citizenship