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Department/UnitName of Activity/EventIntended AudienceWebsiteProgram Description
Office of Student Activities360 Degrees MagazineStudentslink360 Degrees has a different focus, format and feel than its predecessors. What remains constant is the publication’s firm dedication to inform students about cultural and political issues found on campus, in the community and the world at large.
Office of Student ActivitiesAfrican Student UnionStudentslinkThe mission of ASU is to promote and develop fellowship among African students and cultivate in them the spirit of service in public interest. ASU shall, among other things, seek to build strong bonds between other minority organizations at SU and SUNY -ESF and work to increase the awareness of African Students' interest and concerns at SU and SUNY-ESF. ASU also seeks to educate people about the continent of Africa and illuminate all the positive things that are so often overshadowed by the media.
Office of Student ActivitiesAMI: A Men's IssueStudentslinkA Men's Issue...dedicated to ending sexual, gender, and relationship violence, one man at a time. Redefining what it means to be a man.
Office of Student ActivitiesAmnesty International at Syracuse UniversityStudentslinkWe envision a world where everyone—regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity—enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other internationally recognized human rights standards.
Office of Student ActivitiesAsian Students in AmericaStudentslinkWe host cultural, social, and educational events to validate the unique identity of contemporary Asian Americans and the issues that they face. This semester our theme is Bridges, and in recognition of the greater community that we are a part of, our goal is to advocate and encourage communication and understanding by inviting students of every background to our events to have open dialogue with us.
Office of Student ActivitiesBeyond Compliance Coordinating CommitteeStudentslinkThe Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee (BCCC) is an organization of Syracuse University students who are working to create and support a positive climate toward disability that values individual difference in all University settings. The BCCC takes an active role in advocating for changes in University policy and practice, including raising disability consciousness on campus and reshaping Syracuse University’s conception of disability, as well as improving reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities and hiring faculty and staff members with disabilities. BCCC addresses these issues by providing: - a forum for students concerned about disability on campus to discuss issues and ideas; - support for students to increase their own knowledge around disability, with the intent of sharing what they learn with others in the SU community; - programs, speakers, and other activities that advance the visibility and acceptance of people with disabilities at SU; and - opportunities for students to engage in advocacy, education, and support with other members of the University community.
Office of Student ActivitiesBlack Communications SocietyStudentslinkWe serve to provide students of color who are involved in the fields of communication an outlet where they can discuss issues within the media which pertain to their communities.
Office of Student ActivitiesBlack Reign Step TeamStudentslinkOur mission is to exude the power of stepping through energetic performance for both the SU area and our Upstate community; to provide an environment where people from diverse backgrounds can express themselves through stepping.
Office of Student ActivitiesCaribbean Students AssociationStudentslinkThe Caribbean Students Association and has been striving to promote awareness of the Caribbean on the diverse campus of SU and the greater Syracuse community for the past 25 years and beyond. The objective of the Caribbean Students Association (C.S.A) of Syracuse University is to promote the awareness of Caribbean culture on and off campus by facilitating discourse about issues faced in the Caribbean and through cultural activities by way of visual and performing arts.
Office of Student ActivitiesChinese Students and Scholars AssociationStudentslinkOur primary goals are to help Chinese newcomers to settle down and adapt into the new life in the U.S., to organize a variety of cultural activities for all the members in the SU community, and to provide a communication platform for our members to stay closer with each other.
Office of Student ActivitiesCreations Dance CompanyStudentslinkWe pride ourselves on continuously providing the Syracuse community with various forms of dance and expression that correlate directly with underrepresented individuals. Creations Dance Company was founded by ten dynamic women of color out of desperation when African Americans were not given the opportunity to showcase their artistry with other dance groups present on campus.
Office of Student ActivitiesDisability Student UnionStudentslinkWe are comprised of students with and without disabilities, and are looking to promote inclusivity through programming, education, and advocacy. We believe in disability as identity, and invite all to do the same. DSU Objectives: • To serve as an assembly of diverse people, united under a common mission • To promote unity on campus between students with and without disabilities • To raise disability awareness in the greater SU Community • To create universally designed social and educational activities • To engage in rights and access issues warranting inclusive advocacy • To serve as a role model for other organizations looking to foster a safe environment for students with and without disabilities
Office of Student ActivitiesFashions ConscienceStudentslinkFashion's Conscience is Syracuse University's first, and only minority-based fashion organization on campus. Fashion's Conscience aims to combat the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. Fashion's Conscience is dedicated to advocating the empowerment of minorities in the Fashion/Retail industry.
Office of Student ActivitiesGerman Cultural SocietyStudentslinkThe German Cultural Society is a group of students who enjoy German language and culture. With members who've lived in Germany for years and others who are new to the culture, the GCS is made up of students with a diverse range of cultural experience and language ability. We meet weekly and welcome new members!
Office of Student ActivitiesHaitian American Students AssociationStudentslinkThe purpose of this organization shall be to broaden the awareness of the Haitian culture and promote unity and self-awareness among students of Haitian descendant on Syracuse University's campus. We will educate both the campus and surrounding community on the social, economic, and political issues affecting Haiti currently.
Office of Student ActivitiesHong Kong Cultural OrganizationStudentslinkHong Kong Cultural Organization (HKCO) is aimed at promoting Hong Kong culture to SU and SUNY ESF students from all (academic) backgrounds. Our primary objective is to provide cultural education. We try to provide a home away from home for exchange students from Hong Kong while also accommodating students studying abroad in Hong Kong.
Office of Student ActivitiesInternational Student OrganizationStudentslinkThe organizations main objective is unify the international student body and as a consequence bridge gaps between the rest of the University and the greater Syracuse community.
Office of Student ActivitiesJapanese Student AssociationStudentslinkOur hope is to bring the students a little closer to Japan and that students have a memorable time while in the Syracuse Area, by organizing cultural events and social gatherings. We wish that the JSA will serve as an opportunity to share and express the values and views of individuals with each other and to the SU community, through events and social gatherings.
Office of Student ActivitiesKorean American Student AssociationStudentslinkThe purpose of the Korean American Student Association (KASA) is to encourage and promote interest in Korean history, culture, as well as other factors that influence the Korean and Korean American experience at Syracuse University. The organization provides opportunities for students who are interested in Korean culture to explore, identify, and voice common concerns and interests through culturally stimulating events.
Office of Student ActivitiesKorean Student AssociationStudentslinkThe purpose of the Syracuse's Korean Student Association is to promote a wider understanding of Korean, and Korean-American culture between members and the university community through involvement and participation in various social and cultural activities.
Office of Student ActivitiesLIME: An Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue GroupStudentslinkThe mission of LIME: An Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue Group is to facilitate educational, political, and interfaith social programming, and to allow students to learn about Israelis, Palestinians and the greater Middle Eastern region. LIME provides an open forum for the discussion of diverse ideas regardless of faith, political affiliation or cultural beliefs.
Office of Student ActivitiesLiNK @ SUStudentslinkThis is your chance to join the call for justice. LiNK Chapters have always been about combining individual talents to become a part of the greater solution. It's about individuals who want to make a difference in the humanitarian crisis in North Korea making that difference. LiNK Chapters do two things: spread awareness and raise money to make opportunities for North Koreans possible.
Office of Student ActivitiesMedley MagazineStudentslinkMedley covers issues on cultural and global diversity in the university, city of Syracuse and abroad.
Office of Student ActivitiesNAACPStudentslinkFrom the ballot box to the classroom, the dedicated workers, organizers, and leaders who forged this great organization and maintain its status as a champion of social justice, fought long and hard to ensure that the voices of African Americans would be heard. For nearly one hundred years, it has been the talent and tenacity of NAACP members that has saved lives and changed many negative aspects of American society.
Office of Student ActivitiesOut in Science, Technology, Engineering and MathematicsStudentslinkoSTEM serves LGBTQA communities and functions to: -Provide services and support for students interested in or studying the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. -Create a dynamic network between students and professionals in industry and academia. -Actively recruit and address the needs of diverse groups within the LGBTQA community, inclusive of those who are historically underrepresented with regards to gender and ethnic background.
Office of Student ActivitiesPride UnionStudentslinkPride Union is dedicated to the support and enrichment of the lives of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer, and their straight Allies on the Syracuse University Campus. We provide a safe space for students who attend meetings and events, and advocate for the interests of the GLBTQA community and dispel myths and stereotypes about our identities. We strive to make it possible for all students regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ethnicity to contribute equally to the campus life and will embrace the diversity of the GLBTQA community and the Syracuse University and SUNY ESF communities as a whole.
Office of Student ActivitiesRedemptionStudentslinkRedemption (accapella group) was founded on the principles laid out in Bob Marley's Redemption Song. Redemption seeks to promote and raise awareness of African American music and music of the African diaspora through accapella music and performance. Redemption stresses: 1) Organic music 2) Community 3) Oral traditions 4) Innovation
Office of Student ActivitiesSCOPEStudentslinkSCOPE is the South Campus Organization for Programming Excellence and the leadership organization for the students on South Campus. We meet weekly to plan diverse, cultural, educational, recreational, and community service programs.
Office of Student ActivitiesSHAPES Body ImageStudentslinkThe objective of this organization is to help students acquire and enhance their personal body confidence as well as promote the idea to the campus at large.
Office of Student ActivitiesShe's the First*{Syracuse}StudentslinkShe's the First*{Syracuse} promotes the importance of educating girls, especially in the developing world. We send girls to school around the globe by encouraging young people to unlock the power of their social networks and creatively fundraise for sponsorships, giving underprivileged girls the means to break barriers. Most will be the first in their family to graduate.
Office of Student ActivitiesSocial Workers UnitedStudentslinkAs members of Social Workers United, we promote social justice, equality and service. We are involved in both the Syracuse community and the campus community and strive to connect the two.
Office of Student ActivitiesSouth Asian Students AssociationStudentslinkBy creating a multicultural atmosphere on campus, the South Asian Students Association strives to bring members of the SU community together in celebrating a unique culture. Furthermore, SASA plays a big part in promoting South Asian culture at SU through cultural events, social service and festival celebrations.
Office of Student ActivitiesStudent African-American SocietyStudentslinkThe Student African-American Society was founded in the spring of 1967 by 150 undergraduate African-American students and is the first of its kind at a predominantly white private university. SAS had an initial list of goals which were: 1) Establish an African-American Studies Department 2) Receive funding from the University annually 3) Institute a Black Cultural Center SAS is now the oldest, largest, most respected and most active organization that represents descendants of original people. Today, SAS has a constituency of about 1400 students or 12% of Syracuse University student population. Our primary purpose is to unify and educate the underrepresented populations within the Syracuse student body as well as the Syracuse Community. We convey our purpose through many philanthropies as well as annual and semester speakers and events.
Office of Student ActivitiesStudent Leadership InstituteStudentslinkThe Mission of the Student Leadership Institute is to promote learning and growth through awareness of self and others, teambuilding and group dynamics, examining community and world issues, exercise creative problem solving skills, and examining personal ethics.
Office of Student ActivitiesStudents Advancing Sexual Safety and Empowerment (SASSE)StudentslinkStudents Advocating Sexual Safety and Empowerment is an organization committed to ending violence against women and providing a safe space for members of the LGBT community. Our biggest project every year is producing the Vagina Monologues, which is a play that combines a variety of women's stories that range from rape to positive sexual experiences. Its purpose is to promote self-love and raise awareness about misogyny and assault.
Office of Student ActivitiesTaiwan ConnectionStudentslinkOur main goals are to 1. To promote Taiwan and Taiwanese Culture across campus, 2. Increase awareness of Taiwan’s position in the International Arena, 3. Provide assistance and support to Taiwanese students and TC members on campus
Office of Student ActivitiesThe Couture DollsStudentslinkCouture Dolls creates a liaison emphasizing female empowerment that exemplifies all facets of women through the art of dance. We aim to be notable contributors to the empowerment of women. As a student run organization we intend on maintaining professionalism while representing women in a dignified manner; through performances that vary from cabaret styled productions to presentations that play on gender roles. The commonality of our presentations will always reflect independence and the underlining empowerment of women.
Office of Student ActivitiesThe OUT CrowdStudentslinkThe OutCrowd Magazine is the only student-run LGBTQ publication at Syracuse University. It is our focus to provide queer students and allies a platform to express their otherwise overlooked opinions and perspectives. With this focus in mind, The OutCrowd is determined to provide a sexually-fluid approach to politics, art, sex, and social commentary by challenging what is often deemed "socially acceptable."
Office of Student ActivitiesTurkish Student AssociationStudentslinkThe Turkish Student Association participates in various social and cultural activities across the campus to raise the awareness of the Turkish culture and heritage. This helps to foster an atmosphere of cultural acceptance and diversity among the university community