At Syracuse University, our credence in the dignity and worth of humankind is paramount. This belief is consistent with our commitment to ensuring an equitable, diverse, accessible and inclusive campus environment for all. Positive coexistence happens when each person feels deeply welcomed and appreciated. We value diverse identities. Cultural perspectives and worldviews matter to us. Difference should never mean devaluation nor should it result in discrimination. It is our premise that diversity and inclusion enhance who we are as students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

We champion equity and view it as a dimension of excellence in decision-making. In an effort to ensure inclusivity throughout our campus, we will continue to unpack racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, classism, religious and political discrimination, and more. Forever building on our strengths, we will remain vigilant and steadfast in our introspective efforts, individually and collectively. Our commonalities will connect us as we constructively work through challenges that confront us. Likewise, our collaboration, cooperation, and camaraderie will help us as respectful advocates for social justice in the multiple spheres we navigate. Thank you for your attention as I invite you on this SU journey.


Keith A. Alford, Ph.D.
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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