Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Office of Diversity and Inclusion advances diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility for students, staff, and faculty across Syracuse University by fostering interdisciplinary partnerships, facilitating educational opportunities, developing and curating resources, removing barriers, and influencing university policy.

We are thought leaders who conduct our work boldly and are undeterred in our pursuit to create a culture of inclusive excellence where all are welcomed, valued, and feel that they belong.

We seek to cultivate an environment where all members, in all places, have access to equitable resources, supports, and experiences to thrive at Syracuse University, within their communicates, and within the greater, global society.

Core Values:

Accessibility – the practice of identifying and removing physical, sensory, and other barriers that would limit someone from independently entering into or using spaces, meaningfully accessing all information, fully participating in programs and benefiting from services.

Authenticity – we bring truth to our purpose through transparency and continual alignment with our values, ideals, and actions.

Belonging – we create an environment at Syracuse University where people are affirmed and where they can thrive.

Collaboration – we cross boundaries for the purpose of binding different strengths together, building and reinforcing support networks, and to empower future partners.

Equity – in seeking to remedy past, and present injustices, we provide services and support to campus members with a desired outcome of experiences that are fair to all to position individuals for achieving excellence.

Love – it is love that allows us to recognize the dignity and humanity of each individual, to extend them mutual respect, and to support them with compassion and care.

Service – all that we do, including caring for ourselves, is for others.