Accessibility Services

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion supports the ongoing development of an accessible university that embraces disability as an aspect of diversity.

If you are an employee with a disability, you may be eligible for reasonable accommodations to perform the essential functions of your position.

What is a Disability?

A disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an impairment that substantial limits one or more major life activities. A disability under the New York State Human Rights Law is an impairment that prevents the exercise of normal bodily function or is demonstrable by medically accepted clinical or laboratory diagnostic techniques.

Eligibility for an Accommodation

Whether you are eligible for reasonable accommodations will be determined by the Accommodation Specialist in consultation with your medical provider.

Reasonable Accommodation

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?

A reasonable accommodation is a modification or change to a job or the work environment that will enable an employee with a disability to perform their essential job functions and/or fully participate in the life of the workplace.

Request a Reasonable Accommodation

To request a reasonable accommodation please complete the below forms: ·

Submit all completed forms and send a copy of your job description to the Accommodations Specialist at

Student Accommodations

If you are a student and think that you may require accommodations for a disability, please contact the Center for Disability Resources.

Submit a Reasonable Accommodation Appeal

Campus members, including staff, faculty, and students, who have requested and been denied an accommodation may appeal the decision. To appeal, submit a copy of the accommodation denial letter to the ADA Coordinator at

Requesting Leave

Leave is not a service of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. Please contact Leave Administration at or call 315-443-4042.

Report Accessibility Issues

To report an instance of inaccessibility that limits the participation or attendance of a disabled person at a university event, program, work-related function, or facility, please complete the Concerns Form or email

Interpretation and Transcription Providers

Please refer to our full list of interpretation and transcription resources.

Access for Disabled Campus Visitors

Please contact Parking and Transit Services to request access for a visitor.

Questions and Consultation

If you have questions about any of these services or resources, please email or call 315-443-6162. In addition, the ADA Coordinator offers consultative guidance to schools, colleges, and departments on all disability-related issues or planning.